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“Listen…Can You Hear Me Now?” is back home in New York!

My one woman show has been selected to perform at the Women At Work Festival at Stage Left Studio. This is the full length, 55 minute version with lots of new stories to tell and new characters to meet and entertain!

The previous performance at the Los Angeles Women’s Theater Festival was greeted by an enthusiastic audience that was with me all the way to the lights coming up on a standing ovation. The Santa Monica Mirror had this to say:

"Gloria Rosen’s “Listen, Can you Hear Me Now?” dealt with the dilemma of a woman whose parents are deaf and rely on their daughter as a “translator.” This story of family conflict was amazingly funny at times and audience members, regardless of their backgrounds, identified with it." - Lynne Bronstein, Santa Monica Mirror

And check out this Q&A from for more information about the show.

Show date: Sunday Sept. 23rd @ 2PM; Saturday Oct. 6th @ 5PM.
Location: Stage Left Studio 214 West 30th Street NY NY 6th Floor
Tickets and all other information: (go to “Festivals” then “Women at Work 2012”)

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Click image for video excerpt from the show…



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